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February 2021    

New Year
Finally! New president, covid reservations, new house

Well, the new year is finally here. Good riddance to 2020.

I have no illusions about 2021 - there are many challenges ahead - but there is reason for optimism.

New president and vice president 

Congratulations, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris! A breath of fresh air.

Covid vaccinations 

Hopefully, the vaccination roll-out will improve with saner heads prevailing at CDC,DC and Food & Drug. Nancy and I did manage to get our first shots, and reservations on the 26th and 27th for the second shots. As soon as you get a chance Get Vaccinated!

New house

In november we finally found "our house" after a year of looking. Admittedly, we were very pickey, but it paid off - we got just exactly the house we wanted.

I'm pretty busy, with the new house, etc. but I'll try to update soon.

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(Created: Feb 16, 2021 11:58:49, Modified: Feb 16, 2021 12:15:10)



New blog framework

We have a new framework for the blog. I think it makes viewing eaisier, and, behind the scenes, it makes editing easier.

I hope to begin posting a little more regularly - we can but hope!



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