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April Update    

April 2021

I promise, this is not an April fools post :-)


The roof, sprinklers and hurricane shutters have been addressed. Nice to get those over with.

The Lanai/Birdcage extension is still pending - the permitting process here in Lee County, FL is woefully behind - they're blaming it on, of course, COVID. We may not get started for another 6 weeks!


I'm still hoping to get in a hike this spring - maybe late May, early June.


  • Nancy just returned from Phoenix, to visit her Mom and brothers.
  • I'll be in San Diego for a few days starting on the 11th - to see my Mom, sister, cousin, and brother.
  • Nancy's brother Bill plans to visit us late this month.
  • Nancy will travel to Centennial, CO for Mother's day - I'll stay here, in case there is any movement on the Lanai project.
  • Ted and family hope to visit us sometime around/after Mother's day.

It's surprisingly busy around here!


Now that we're permanent FL residents, we get to complain about the "snowbirds" who visit during the season (Jan-April) :-0 We're pleased to see the population start to decline, and the crowds begin to dissapear. The beach, restaurants and stores are much nicer off-peak!

That's all for now - have a safe, great April!

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(Created: Apr 07, 2021 15:54:47, Modified: Apr 07, 2021 15:55:42)


New blog framework

We have a new framework for the blog. I think it makes viewing eaisier, and, behind the scenes, it makes editing easier.

I hope to begin posting a little more regularly - we can but hope!



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