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September Update - what's new

September Update

Our birdcage (screened in porch) project is almost complete! The concrete contractor will paint/seal the floor, probably early next week. Then we can move the furniture back, re-install my hammock and re-fill the hot-tub. Hooray!

In "normal" times, September and October are travel months for us; not this year (thanks anti-vax/mask morons).

I know I keep threatening, but I may actually get to the model railroad project this month. I ordered a worktable (collapsable) for the garage, so I'm running out of excuses. I'll try hard to document the project (more than before/after pics).

I would also like to get around to the camera-based track-occupancy project. I promise to post progress (check the Model railroad topics)

That's all for now!

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