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August update - August 2021 update

We went to Centennial, CO (near Denver), to visit our Daughter's family. The two grandkids (Gigi 8, Ellie 5) are doing great, as are their Mom (Maddy) and Dad (Paul).

Their garden is fabulous - we had squash, eggplant and colliflower - all very tasty and fresh.

Unfortunately, the air quality was awful - due to the fires in California, Washington and Canada; we just stayed inside, for the most part.

We will be traveling to Chicago, again, at the end of October, for a celebration of life for Nancy's uncle Louis. October could be pretty nice in Chicago, changed leaves and a harvest atmosphere.

Tropical storm Fred was a fizzle (thankfully), and Grace doesn't look like it will come near us. It's just the beginning of the hurricane season though - fingers crossed. No matter where you live, there are always natural dangers to contend with: Chicago-tornados/blizzards, San Diego-fires/earthquakes, Danbury, CT-hurricanes, Denver-tornados/hail; got'ta make the best of it!

On the wildlife front, we saw a 4-5ft alligator swimming (quite quickly) by our backyard. He appeared and disappeared too quickly for me to get a decent picture, unfortunately.

That's all for now, stay healthy and safe.

Author: JMP (Monday 16th of August 2021 01:34:05 PM)


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