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March2021 - March update

March 2021

Well, on a positive note, both Nancy and I have had both our Covid Vaccinations. My only side-effect was some soreness at the injection site (no more than with many other vaccinations); Nancy, however, had a fever and exhaustion after the second shot - only lasted 24 hours. It is quite a relief to have that done.


We've decided to get several things done, right away, on the house.

  1. Replace the roof
    This is pro-active, we knew it was old when we bought, but wanted to avoid waiting until a leak and damage to replace it. Turns out that was a good call, they found 5 or 6 areas that were rotten, and needed the underlayment replaced. Project all done now, and it looks great.
  2. Replace the irrigation
    Again - its old and flakey, time to get it put right.
  3. Landscaping
    The existing plantings were old and "leggy", they've been removed, and new plants are due this week. This is in the front yard only - the back yard will be later - after the birdcage extension (see below)
  4. Birdcage extension
    Here in Florida, large screened-in areas are called birdcages. Ours will be roughly doubled in size. We really enjoy having the house open, and being outdoors.

Lots of contractors, lots of confusion, but its really nice to see things the way we want them


I've been unable to hike this last year, due to health issues and covid restrictions. I really liked my Appalachian trail hike in 2019.

There's a Florida Scenic Trail - running the entire length of Florida - from the everglades to the western tip of the panhandle some 1,500 miles! The southern terminus is about an hour's drive from here - so I'm researching a hike - tentatively this spring. Watch this space!


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