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May2021 - May update

May 2021

Some sad news, my Mom passed away just after her 98th birthday. She wasn't well for at least a year so it is actually a relief to know that she's not suffering anymore.

A WW2 vet, local affairs activist, Mother, Wife - she will be missed.


Still waiting on the "birdcage" - it's been 3 months since signing the contract - this is getting old.

Trips - visits

Nancy's brother Bill visited us - great fun. We did all sorts of "touristy" things - including great seafood.

Ted and family are visiting us at the end of the month - can't wait!

We're hoping to go on a road-trip - early summer-ish. National parks, Maddy & Paul, Gigi and Ellie in CO, sibs in AZ and CA, and anything else we stumble across!

That's all for now.

Author: JMP (Saturday 24th of July 2021 05:26:06 AM)


More simplification of the blog - enjoy!